Creation and delivery of high end image post production - utilising the highest standards of non destructive workflow, processing techniques, technical knowledge and efficiency.

High End Retouching
-  Expert skill set in maintaining original textures and authenticity of imagery.
-  Detailed product, skin, hair, beauty and specialist talent retouching.
-  Fitting garment samples, colour matching, crease and fold correction.
-  Seamless compositing and detailed text rebuilding.

Colour Correction

-  Matching colour samples utilising professional grade calibration.
-  Handling and conversion of colour profiles.
-  Grading and creative film effects.
-  Pre press, soft proofing and legibility management.


-  Image extensions with detailed large format output.
-  High end creative effects.
-  Seamless merging of imagery.
-  Cinematic key art for printed and digital marketing collateral.
-  Frame animation and 2.5D parallax builds.


-  Individual pathing and detailed hair masking.
-  Alpha channeling and layered outputs.


-  Working closely with creative teams to produce imagery from initial concept through to final production.
-  Creation and management of master retouching style guides and non destructive working guidelines.
-  Implementing and streamlining high end file management for print and digital output.
-  Training and management of internal stakeholders.